Does Mark Zuckerberg Destroy Families?



Silicon Valley warps the mind. In the real world, your health, family, and friends are most important. In the Valley, they’re what you trade for speed, buzz, and valuation, as illustrated in a heartbreaking scene from the Facebook-Google war.

Feeling pressure from rival social network Google Plus, Facebook went on its second annual “lockdown” this summer, basically requiring everyone to work nights and weekends for 60 days. Kids got to enjoy the sweatshop environment, too, according to Fortune’s behind the scenes account of Google vs Facebook:

Facebook employees put in some serious overtime during the summer lockdown… The cafeteria opened up on evenings and weekends this summer, and children dropped in for dinners and good-night hugs before their parents logged back on for late nights.

via Mark Zuckerberg Is a Homewrecker.

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