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Woman Shoots Five Kids in the Head…Then Herself

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A North Carolina mom involved in a bitter love triangle snapped and shot five kids in the head  – killing two – Sunday as part of a double murder-suicide that has stunned the victims leafy Greensboro suburb.

Mary Ann Holder, 36, wrote two notes taking responsibility for the murderous rampage and apologizing for the pain she caused and then shot herself inside her parked Ford Explorer shortly after 10 a.m., investigators said Monday.

A Guilford County Sheriffs deputy witnessed the suicide, saying he saw the puff of smoke from the bullet that killed her.

Holders 14-year-old son Zachary Smith, whom she retrieved from a sleepover only minutes earlier, was found clinging to life in the SUVs back seat with a gunshot wound to his head.

via North Carolina woman shoots five kids in the head – killing two – at slumber party   – NY Daily News.

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One Response to Woman Shoots Five Kids in the Head…Then Herself

  1. So much evil in the world. I guess we should learn the prevalent ones such as relationships: Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Husband/wife, best friends, biological children, depression, sickness. In other words we should learn how to take care of our emotions.

    In my case since I have lived 77 years I cannot find anything better than to believe in than God and all his heavenly hosts. Read the Bible, go to church and pray, pray, and praise God, idolize God as it is sung, “Nobody Greater Than God. STOP IDOLIZING SELF , OTHERS, OR THINGS.

    Alice McCree
    November 22, 2011 at 4:35 pm

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