Kanye Kicks Fans Out of Concert For Trying To Network During Show

This past weekend the ‘Watch The Throne’ tour touched down in Tacoma, Washington, and all was good in the ‘hood while he was performing ‘All Falls Down’ until someone threw a business card onstage. Kanye stopped right in the middle of the performance to figure out exactly who it was that tossed the card. When no one fessed up, He called on security to remove four people from the front — where he thought he saw it come from:

“Whose business card is this? Whose is this? Drew, I seen it come from that direction, so like, all four of them gotta go. Unless one person raise they hand and say I’m the one who did it, all that whole section gotta go.

These cubes go twenty feet in the air fam. We risking our lives here, so you can’t be throwing sh-t that we gon’ slip on. So this whole section right here…girls and guys.”



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