Dorian Chandler: R. Kelly Looking for Investors for Another ‘Trapped in the Closet Series’

From 2005-2007 R. Kelly shocked the world with his hip-hopera styled “Trapped in the Closet” R&B series. The original series, which was twenty two chapters in length, told the story of a one night stand gone terribly wrong. I’m sure we can all remember tuning into our TV’s  to see the latest video premiere of a “Trapped in the Closet” chapter. Well, R. Kelly is looking to bring his masterpiece back to life. Kells’ is looking to film thirty two new chapters but he needs financial backing. I’m sure producing thirty two songs plus videos is not cheap! So if you have some extra capital that you’re looking to invest hit up R. Kelly and get your stake in the “Trapped in the Closet” part deux series.

To refresh your memory here’s were the series all began:


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