Thousands Sign Online Petition Against Kim Kardashian



There’s only so much Kim Kardashian America can take.

An online petition found at has attracted the signatures of more than 277,500 people who proclaim that they’re done supporting the reality star and her publicity-loving family.

The site claims Kardashian has “made a mockery of American culture” and the petition hopes to attract as many signatures as possible in hopes of influencing Kardashian’s sponsors to end their relationship with her.

Those who sign the petition pledge to “boycott the products sold & marketed” by the 31-year-old. They also promise to avoid shopping at any stores that carry Kardashian-branded merchandise and to never watch “any television show, movie or sex tape” that features her.

The site also displays the logos of nearly 40 brands or stores that either use Kardashian as an endorser or sell her products.

The boycott push went live Nov. 2 on Go — inspired in part by a column that Daily News columnist Joanna Molloy published that same day urging readers to “boycott Kim the Heartbreaker” and “make this money-grubbing airhead go away.”

The petition moved to its current URL address after amassing 180,000 signatures.

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