Paula Patton and Tom Cruise Score a Hit with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

The beautiful Paula Patton and her new partner in stopping crime, Tom Cruise, have a great deal to be proud of.  The two starred in what was to be the number one movie in the country this weekend, “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.”  The film hauled in a handsome $26.5 million domestically over the first weekend of its release.  Since it was shared with the public, the film has earned $59 million.  Studio executives expect the film to earn $72.7 million by the end of Monday.

The film is a ray of happiness in a declining payday for Hollywood overall.  This year, Hollywood films are expected to earn $10.1 million domestically, which is 4.5 percent less than what they earned last year.   This bad news combines with reduced attendance due to higher ticket prices, leading to just 1.27 billion in domestic attendance, 5.3 percent less than the year before.  It’s also the lowest head count since 1995.

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