Parents say 10 Year-old Son Killed Himself Playing Game That ‘got out of hand’



The parents of a 10-year-old boy who police say killed himself believe he was playing a choking game that ‘got out of hand’.

Thailan Curtis was found by his older brother in his family’s living room at their Milwaukee, Wisconsin home on Saturday night.

He was slumped over with a curtain around his neck. His mother called the emergency services but he later died.

‘Accident’: Thailan Curtis, 10, was found dead by his mother on Saturday with a curtain around his neck. His parents said he liked to play a ‘choking game’

Police believe he purposefully hanged himself.

But his parents say he was too happy to kill himself and believe a ‘choking game’ they had seen him play before was to blame.

via Thailan Curtis suicide: Parents say son, 10, was playing game that ‘got out of hand’ | Mail Online.

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