Hotel Jail: US Jails Will Start Charge Inmates Area Hotel Rate Per Night

U.S. jails are to charge inmates up to $142 per night to stay there in an attempt to balance their budgets.

Those incarcerated in Riverside County, California, will have to pay for their bed and board under the means tested initiative, the largest so far in America.

Officials have become outraged after watching wealthy celebrities like Lindsay Lohan sent to jail at taxpayers’ expense.

They say the fee – which is not far off the $188 for a luxury hotel in the area – is needed to plug an $80million black hole in the county finances.

Riverside prison supervisor Jeff Stone said: ‘You do the crime, you will serve the time, and now you will also pay the dime’.

via US jails to charge inmates up to $142 per night in an attempt to balance budgets | Mail Online.

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