Woman Shoplifts A CASE of Beer By Hiding It Between Her Legs [VIDEO]



It was a lovely day for a Guinness for this beer burglar, but the way she went about stealing it is as impressive as it is illegal.

A video posted to YouTube shows how the woman, shopping with a man and young child, eying a 24-pack of Guinness along a wall in the store.

She casually walks over and, in a quick motion, scoops up the beer, lifts her dress and positions the case between her legs.

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Nonchalantly, the woman is then seen walking back to the man and child before eventually walking out of the camera’s view.

If you didn’t already know she had just stolen the beer, you wouldn’t have been able to tell by the way she walked, her gait virtually unchanged despite the case between her thighs.

To pull off the robbery, the woman must have been drinking her Guinness for strength, as a 24-can case can weigh between 18 and 20 pounds.

There is no word on whether the stout shoplifter was caught, or where the incident even took place.

The video has nearly 300,000 views on YouTube since it was put up on December 18.


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