Woman Tried To Gain Kanye’s Attention By Putting Outrageous Tattoo On Her Butt



Apparently Drake isn’t the only one with a fan willing to forever alter her body in the name of the man she loves. Kanye West‘s stalker — ahem– superfan Kanyeresa West has upped the ante with a Kanye tattoo that’s designed to get the attention of “the man she really loves.” And, oh yeah, did we mention it’s on her behind?

Kanyeresa legally changed her name from Lindaresa after she found out she couldn’t legally change her name to Kanye West. “Using that name started to be hard because it’s legally his name,” she told a Chicago radio station in an interview. Wow, really? She has the name ‘Kanye’ tattooed down her right arm, and has now decided to take her love even further.

Apparently, if you want to see the tattoo, you can look no further than the cover of her book, but it might take some searching. Somehow, we just don’t see Barnes & Noble rushing to get that on their shelves. Kanyeresa’s other stunts include riding the Chicago Subway in a wedding dress (how Dickensian!), and just for the record, she no longer has beef with Amber Rose.

“Kanye likes people who is [sic] completely into him,” she explained. You’re not wrong there, Mrs. Kanye, but Yeezy just might be a tad busy right now, what with his DONDA launch. Maybe Kanyeresa would do better to get a Ye tat on her forehead.


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