Man Dies After Being Hit by 2 Vehicles

A 53-year-old man was left to die on a Brooklyn street after two motorists plowed into him in a grisly hit-and-run Thursday night, police sources and witnesses said.

A white van first hit the man, clipping him while he was in the crosswalk at Coney Island Ave. and Avenue K in Midwood, witnesses said. As he struggled to get up, a dark-colored sedan mowed him down and kept on going, according to bystanders.

“A guy was on the floor in the crosswalk,” said another motorist who pulled over after he saw the 10:13 p.m. accident.

The good Samaritan, who declined to be named, recalled the victim saying, “The guy hit my leg a little but I’m okay.”

While the Samaritan dialed 911, the second car came barreling through the intersection.

“The light turned green and a sedan slammed into him,” he said. “I saw the fender hit his face – it was not good.”

The impact was so hard it sent the man flying from one crosswalk to another across the road, witnesses said.

“The sedan didn’t even slow down,” the Samaritan said.

The unidentified victim was taken to Coney Island Hospital in traumatic arrest, fire officials said. He died at the hospital 45 minutes later, another police source said.

The driver of the van initially stopped to check on the pedestrian but took off after he was hit the second time, a witness said. It was unclear if the van had returned to the scene.

Police are investigating the crash and no arrests have been made.


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