School Bans Ugg Boots

A school ban on Uggs boots is causing parents and students to kick up a storm.

Admistrators at Pottsdam Middle School in Pottsdam, Pa. issued the fuzzy boot rule after they caught one too many students hiding cell phones in them, according to the Mercury.

The school’s strict policy on cell phones prohibits use during class hours.

Students were using the phones for texting and posting on Facebook.

In response, the principal nixed allowing students to wear “outdoor, open top boots.” A spokesperson for the school distruct confirmed that the trendy boots were the prime offenders.

Students are now only allowed to their wear winter boots to school but then must change out of them into sneakers or another shoes that lace at the ankle and cannot conceal a cell phone.

Parents weren’t happy about the school telling them what footwear their children could and not not wear .

“When the schools started paying to raise and clothe my children then maybe… maybe they can have a say in dictating my child’s wardrobe,” Julie Lyn Miller-Gallisdorfer posted on the Mercury’s Facebook page. “Totally ridiculous.”

Other parents were annoyed that only girls seemed to be targeted.

“Pockets, bras, socks, what’s next?” another parent wrote. “ I think this is absurd!”

But most parents were incredulous that the school thought that banning boots would solve the problem of sneaking cell phones.

“Just take them (cell phones) when they have them in class, give them a detention and be done with it,” posted Jeni Alexander. “Making up 100 silly rules to deal with something that is inevitable is like swimming upstream.”


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