Dr. Boyce: So, Jay-Z Will No Longer Use the Word B*tch – Whoopdy-Damn-Doo

You can’t spend two decades referring to other men’s daughters as b*tches and hoes, and then somehow decide that your own daughter is going to be exempt from the game.  You, my brother, have given nearly every inch of your creative productivity toward murdering your daughter’s self and public image before she was even born.  In other words, you brought Blue Ivy Carter into a world where most of your biggest fans will look at her and refer to her not as daddy’s little princess, but instead as a big booty b*tch.  In fact, they will even get paid for it.

Jay-Z trying to ban the word b*tch after giving birth to a girl is like a mass murderer asking other killers to be nice to his relatives.  His music has helped to infect the world with the virus of misogyny, and now he wants to act like the Center for Disease Control.  He’s like the homophobic pastor who leads anti-gay lynch mobs and later finds out that his own son is gay.  It’s actually quite funny if you think about it.

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