Essence Under Fire For Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada is quickly becoming the most hated woman in reality TV and from the looks of things, sites who promote her in any way are also become some of the most hated.

Essence is doing damage control after unexpected backlash for featuring a wedding photo shoot of Evelyn on their website. The photo gallery features pictures of Evelyn in a shoot designed by celebrity stylist LuLu Amin of the styling house November Lily, but with Essence calling the spread an “exclusive” many assumed the shoot was done exclusively for their site and that’s where things went downhill. In addition to 23 comments or so from readers calling the feature “one of the poorest choicest Essence has made to date,” and asking “what are the requirements to be featured in Essence? Sleeping with black men should not be one of them,” some backhandedly complimented the magazine, calling its decision to “exploit the insecurities, fears, and anger of black women by placing a non-black woman on the website to drum up traffic-absolutely brilliant!” The editor of took to her site to express similar sentiments, writing:

“To say Ms. Lozada is a hyperviolent, Black woman hating, foul mouth scourge would not quite capture her true essence. Add to that, the man she’s engaged to has publicly stated that he has a preference for non-Black women, then you see the logic in highlighting Ms. Lozada on a website whose tag line is ‘Where Black women come first.’ Makes total sense!”

Essence Relationships Editor Charli Penn stepped in on the thread to clear things up, writing, “Evelyn Lozada is not on the cover of ESSENCE magazine and ESSENCE did not shoot her. We were simply sharing photos from a private shoot that international styling house November Lily did with Ms. Lozada privately. This is not a cover, nor a feature in the magazine. That news was poorly-reported by multiple blog sites. Thank you. But viewers were not impressed, and continued to suggest that “Essence hates black women.”


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