Is Rihanna Tweet Picking At Chris’s New Girlfriend?

Is Rihanna rice cake tweet a racial slur directed at Chris Browns girlfriend Karrueche?

The Rihanna-Chris Brown-Karrueche Tran triangle just got a whole lot messier–maybe. Last night, Rihanna tweeted a seemingly innocent and playful, yet potentially shady instagram of a rice cake dressed up with shades and gold hoops to look like a person with the caption, “Ima make you my b,” and the blogosphere is going wild.Why is this different from any other immature pop star playing with her food? Well, Karrueche Tran is half Asian, Asians are known to eat rice cakes as part of their cuisine not the Quaker Oats kind, and Im assuming the wanna-be model has worn gold hoops at some point in her life. So yeah, its a stretch to think Rihanna is throwing shots at Karrueche with this pic in some ways, and in others not so much.


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