$11 Million Diamond Laptop Sleeve

Designer baby clothes, solid gold handbags, and precious jewels are no longer enough for the top 1%. Now there’s a $11 million diamond laptop sleeve and some insanely rich people are probably going to buy it.

The Dutch tech accessory company CoverBee crafted this laptop sleeve out of 8,800 diamonds and a fur trim covered in rare black sable fur from Siberia. It took over two years to make and they companies ensures that any fur they use comes from “animals who died of a natural cause.”

“We are a little crazy here, but only thanks to this attitude we can design brilliant products,” says Peter van Soldt, CEO of CoverBee in a statement. “History has proven that the more extravagant and crazy the product is, the more likely it is that there will be someone out there who appreciates it and will want to buy it. Besides… accessories have always been popular across all cultures and ages, and so has fine jewellery. This makes our new Diamond Laptop Sleeve design a must-have for collectors!”

We don’t see any circumstances that make an $11 million laptop sleeve a must-have. There are hundreds of other more useful things you could buy. Or you could consider donating that money to a charity for those who can’t even begin to contemplate buying a laptop, let alone a cover that costs 11,000 times as much.



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