Male High School Student Suspended For Wearing High Heels To School

 An angry 17-year-old male student claims he felt suicidal after being booted out of high school for ‘being gay and wearing high heels’.

Asante Cotman, of Charles City County, Virginia, was allegedly told to remove his heels because he was disrupting lessons at Charles City High.

The teen claimed he was not bothering anyone but the school principal suspended him for three days and allegedly told him not to come back.

‘They suspended me for being gay,’ he told NBC affiliate WWBT. ‘I don’t understand disrupting the class, because nobody was talking about it.

‘Everybody was doing their work,’ Asante added. ‘People have seen me wear heels before. People see me with a pocketbook every day.’

The boy wore a denim jacket with a white shirt, leopard skin scarf, black trousers and beige high heels to school earlier this week.

He claimed the heels really angered principal Stephannie Crutchfield, who allegedly told him: ‘We would be glad if you didn’t come back here’.

‘That comment really got to me,’ he told WWBT earlier this week. ‘I was almost done. I felt like I was about to kill myself. I was almost done.’

Asante was allegedly told he was being ‘disrespectful’ after he refused to remove the heels despite repeated requests by Ms Crutchfield.

He only conceded and put on slippers when she allegedly threatened to call police. Ms Crutchfield has not yet commented on the claims.

But Charles City County Public Schools Superintendent Janet Crawley told WWBT she wants Asante to feel ‘comfortable’ and ‘enjoy his school environment’.

She cautioned that the school district does ban shoes that can cause students to injure themselves, but did not say if this includes heels.

However Asante said female students wear heels and the slippers he had to wear violate the dress code themselves because of their open heel.



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