School Offers “KKK Chicken Tenders” For Lunch

A school district is having to eat its words after listing ‘KKK Chicken Tenders’ on a lunch menu that was sent home to parents.

School officials in Methuen, Massachusetts sent home a new lunch menu this week, which listed chicken seemingly in the style of the Ku Klux Klan.

But just a day later they were forced to apologise and had to reissue new menus to 6,500 students in four schools.

Not appetising: School officials sent home a new lunch menu which listed chicken seemingly in the style of the Ku Klux Klan

Methuen Schools Superintendent Judith Scannell told the eagle Tribune that the menu was supposed to read ‘KK Chicken Tenders,’ short for Krispy, Krunchy, according to , who called it an unfortunate typo by a longtime, ‘exemplary employee.’

‘As she was typing it, she hit a third ‘K.’ It was an oversight,’ Scannell said. ‘I apologise for the School District if we offended anybody. This was cleaned up immediately and a new menu sent out.’

One appalled local parent told WCVB-TV the typo came to her attention when her daughter who is in the fourth-grade asked her about the meaning of the acronym that same night.

‘(My daughter said,) ‘Mom, you know what’s KKK chicken tenders?’ And I said, ‘What did you say to me?” she said.

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