Tide Thefts Sweeping The Nation?

The latest crime wave sweeping the nation: Tide thefts. Yes, that’s Tide, as in the laundry detergent. The Daily reports it’s stolen so often that some cities and stores are actually forming “special task forces” and coming up with Tide-specific security procedures to fight back. Why? Apparently it’s because Tide is used widely, is popular and recognizable, and, because of its high retail price, can fetch $5 to $10 per bottle on the black market. “There’s no serial numbers and it’s impossible to track,” says one detective. “It’s the item to steal.” One police department refers to Tide as “liquid gold.”

One thief reportedly stole $25,000 worth of Tide over 15 months before getting busted. Apparently the method of choice is to load up a cart with a bunch of bottles and run for the exit and a waiting getaway car. But some police and retailers are calling shenanigans on the story: Though name-brand household goods are indeed a target for thieves, authorities in two of the states mentioned in the story say there has been no apparent rise in stolen Tide. “We are not experiencing a ‘wave’ of Tide thefts,” a CVS director tells Fox News, although he does acknowledge that some markets place special alarm devices on Tide.


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