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Was Trayvon Martin’s ten day suspension because he attacked his bus driver?

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A twitter message, allegedly sent by Trayvon’s older brother, suggests Trayvon was suspended for assaulting a bus driver.

Trayvon Martin was on a suspension from school when he was tragically shot last February 26th. His school, Dr. Micheal M. Krop Senoir High School, has not given any details. His family has also evaded the issue. According to the Kansas City Star, the length of the suspension was ten days. This suggests a very serious offense.

If  Trayvon Martin was suspended for a violent act, it would alter the public’s perception of the events surrounding his death.

Trayvon’s older brother, Stephen Martin, appears to have sent Trayvon a twitter message five days before the shooting that may explain the ten day suspension.

Trayvon Martin's ten day suspension - Charleston Charleston Conservative |


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2 Responses to Was Trayvon Martin’s ten day suspension because he attacked his bus driver?

  1. Strange? Why would on Feb. 21 prior to the Feb. 26 shooting Trayvon’s older brother send a messagae that is tagged, “TRAY’S BIG BRUH@RIP_TRAY9″” ? It’s like his oldest brother was able to look into the future and know that his baby brother was about to die “”…all the way 2 da grave”and his name would be known all over the world in a matter of a few days. I don’t understand, will someone help me with this? I don’t use twitter and so maybe I’m missing something. I have an older sister but I would never use her name in order to identify myself, someone please help me to understand!

    March 26, 2012 at 5:57 pm

    • It just appears that way because he changed his handle since the incident and now it shows up like that.

      Jeremiah Wrong
      March 26, 2012 at 7:52 pm

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