Hilarious! Man Fights Through Fat Bailiffs And Tasers, Escapes Court [Video]

Must See!: Super Thug Fights Through Fat Bailiffs And Tasers To Escape From Courtroom! [Video] | Bossip

This guy, Christopher, went State Property:

Surveillance video from the courtroom shows 25-year-old Christopher Ruffin shoving a bailiff aside as he’s accompanied into a courtroom. The bailiff attempts to wrestle Ruffin to the ground as a second bailiff comes to his aid, but Ruffin manages to keep both men at bay before turning and running from the courtroom. One of the bailiffs shoots a Taser stun gun multiple times at Ruffin, who flees the courtroom with prongs and wires from the device hanging from his body. Ruffin runs down a hallway and past the security checkpoint on his way out of the building, with the two deputies trying to keep up. The deputies give up pursuit after Ruffin leaves the building and appear to call other authorities to assist. Ruffin had been sentenced prior to the escape to 90 days in the Butler County Jail on a probation violation. Police said Ruffin ran to an apartment complex on Patterson Boulevard and tried to get into a car, but the driver locked the doors before he could get in. Ruffin then was able to get into another car with a woman and her 2-year-old child inside, police said. While trying to get the woman to take him out of the area, police arrived, Ruffin fled and another foot chase ensued, officers said. Ruffin was arrested a short time later and taken to jail.


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