Fist Fight Erupts Between Louisville Fans & Kentucky Fans During Dialysis

If you aren’t already tired of hearing about how intense the Kentucky-Louisville rivalry is, you’ll likely be sick of it come tip-off on Saturday night.

But just in case you haven’t fully grasped what this game means to the state of Kentucky, I urge you to read this headline from WKYT 27 in Kentucky: ‘Fist fight errupts between UK and UofL fans during Dialysis.’

It gets so much better:

Officers were called after a UK and UofL fan gave each other a full court press during treatment at the Georgetown Dialysis Clinic Monday.

“He just happened to think UofL would beat UK and he started to run his mouth,” explained dialysis patient Ed Wilson. Wilson also happens to be a self-proclaimed die hard UK fan. “That’s what started it.”

But Charles Taylor, who was waiting to get hooked up to a machine saw things differently. “I didn’t talk to him about the ball game; I was talking to another guy about the game,” The UofL fan exclaimed. “He was meddling. And told me to shut up and gave me the finger!”

Taylor was so upset about Wilson’s “meddling” that he went over and hit him while he was hooked up to the dialysis machine! “I went up to him and I hit him, ” he said. “Didn’t hit him that hard, but I hit him.”

New Orleans is going to be fun.


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