Norwalk woman Tweets Every Detail of Labor in Realtime

A Norwalk woman kept her Twitter fans updated during the birth of her son, detailing every step of her labor including her first push and the turn of an epidural.

Faith Webster’s tweets began when her water broke at 3:06 p.m. on Monday.

“Omg water broke things are going fast and I feel like I’m freezing,” she tweeted.

A half hour later at 3:31 p.m., she tweeted from the hospital.

“Nurses turned off the pitocin water broke so I should be doing good on my own yahoo! Going to get checked in a few minutes.”

A minute later, at 3:31 p.m. another tweet.

“Pressure, pressure, pressure Jayden is on his way now how do I turn up the epidural.”

Some 20 minutes later, Webster tweets that she is going to give birth in 20 minutes.

“Doctor checked fully dilated and -1 I am going to my baby in 20 minutes.”

Her first push occurred at 3:59 p.m.

As she begins to push, she tweeted, “Getting pushing instructions,” and asked her Twitter fans to wish her luck.

At 4:20 p.m. Webster announced her son’s arrival and posted a picture of her newborn.

“He’s here. He’s here.”

She used her last Tweet after the ordeal to celebrate.

“Jayden Michael Webster was born weighing 6 pounds 6 ounces of pure joy. I love him.”



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