Shoes From A Vending Machine!

Many women will empathise with the scenario of struggling home in high heels that, after a night of dancing, are torture to walk in.

Now, however, a new vending machine concept that distributes flat shoes presents an ingenious solution.

Ashley Ross, 25, and Lindsay Klimitz, 26, from Las Vegas, have bought the rights to manufacture and distribute Rollasole flats in clubs across the U.S.

They stumbled across the UK-based company after a long night out and were in desperate need of a quick-fix for their stiletto-wearing sore feet dilemmas.

The idea of a vending machine that sells ballet flats was their answer.

Soft and squishy, the shoes come out of the vending machine rolled up in a plastic cup, and according to Rollasole, they’re also recyclable – to ensure no one clutters up U.S. landfills with too many disposable shoes.

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