Landlord finds baby in freezer after couple move out

A young couple were arrested and held on $1million bond after their landlord found a newborn baby in a garbage bag in the freezer after they moved out.

Kenisha Pruitt, 20, and her boyfriend Antonio Cervantes, 18, of Toledo, Ohio, were charged with child endangerment after the landlord found the frozen solid body of the child.

Court documents allege Cervantes and Pruitt caused serious harm to a newborn infant and more charges could be added pending an autopsy.

Kenisha Pruitt and Antonio Cervantes are both charged with child endangerment but could face more charges pending results of an autopsy on the child

Gruesome: The couple were in the process of moving out of their Toledo, Ohio, home when the landlord found the baby wrapped in a garbage bag in the freezer

The coroner said they have to wait for the baby to thaw out before they can perform any tests on it, including the identity of the child.

The documents say they had lived there since November and were moving out.

Court records also say family members believed Pruitt was pregnant in November but no birth was reported.

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