“Turtle Boy” Gets Surgery That Will Let Him Be A Normal Childhood

A child dubbed ‘turtle boy’ because of a giant mole that covered his back like a shell, can now live a normal life thanks to a British surgeon.

6 year old Didier Montalvo, from Colombia, had the rare condition Congenital Melanocytic Nevus. There was a chance the growth could turn malignant but Didier’s mother Luz could not raise the money for the operation.

The family were also booted from their rural village as the superstitious residents said Didier’s condition was due to being conceived during an eclipse.

They feared he was touched by evil forces which meant he could not attend school or be baptized. ‘I want to grow up,’ Didier said.

‘But the mole won’t let me.’

But thanks to leading plastic surgeon Neil Bulstrode, who operated on him FREE after hearing of his story, Didier can now grow up like a normal kid.


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