Middle School Girl Pierced Classmate’s Belly Button, Learned How From You Tube

Middle school girl pierced classmate's belly button and planned to do others in time for spring break ... after learning how to do it on YouTube | Mail Online

A middle school student was charged after she pierced the belly button of a fellow classmate, according to officials at the school.

The student at the Moses Middle School in Dallas, Georgia told police she learned how to do the piercings by watching YouTube

Officials said she had plans to pierce the navels of other students in time for an upcoming spring break.

She was not identified by name, age or grade because she is a juvenile.

Police were alerted to the situation by a principal at the school, who called authorities to report that a student had pierced the navel that belonged to another student.

However, the girl told authorities that she did not have plans to pierce anyone else’s belly buttons.

But two other students were found with piercing needles that led authorities to believe were going to be used by the girl, according to a police report.

Assistant Principal Gary Plunkett handed over 13 navel rings, a used needle and the two unused piercing needles from the students.

The needles were destroyed, according to authorities.

Police were keeping hold of the rest of the piercing materials.

Authorities said the girl they claim is responsible for the piercing told them that she got the supplies online.

She said they were shipped to a classmate’s house, according to police.

The girl was charged with reckless conduct and piercing the body of a person under age 18.

She was released to the care of her mother.


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