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Sweet little Willow taught the whole world a little something about hair styling and introduced us all to some new lingo. What a budding trendsetter that one is. I’m kinda with her on this hair thing though. I, for one, take delight in whipping my hair back and forth, to and fro. I’m no Willow, but I’ll hit you with 2 inch hair on Monday and 12 inch hair on Wednesday. Please keep up.

A lot is happening in the black community as it relates to hair. Natural is the new perm and hair extensions are getting more and more ingenious everyday! Need I even mention the lace front or the invisible part? Scary, but ingenious. Women are talking about their hair more openly and technology provides forums for people to tweet/post/blog/talk about hair to reach the whole world. As a matter of fact, I just YouTube tutorialed my way through my current hair-do.

Thanks YouTube! . . . and 1 pack of .99 cent kenekalon hair in a 1B.

Some naturals think that relaxers (permanent straighteners) are the devil sent straight from white,-straight,-and-European-is-the-standard-of-beauty hell. Then, there are the women with relaxed hair who think natural hair only suits the Angela Davis’s and Pam Griers of modern American society.

But really, who cares?!!! First off, there’s a standard of beauty in every society. There was a standard in predominately black societies before they ever knew Western Europe existed. Those black women woke up everyday twisting their hair, painting their faces, and hiking up their skirts to look cuter. Alright, I have no idea what those women did to look good everyday, but please believe they were putting in work. Today, lots of black women are waking up everyday and doing what they can to get as close to the current standard of beauty as possible. We go to the gym, wear uncomfortable skinny jeans, buy expensive hair and skin care products, decorate our finger and toenails, pluck, comb, shave, tweeze, bronze, and scrub our way to prettier versions of ourselves. ALL of us do this – black and white. But let’s be clear, white folks effed black folks up somewhere along the way. Our image of our beauty and worth got “off”. Now every (good) black mother chants “The Help” mantra to her children on the regular: “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” And I’m sure she adds “You’re beautiful.” Mmm hmm Viola probably does it in real life with that new little baby she has.

Note: I’m aware I just went on a bit of a rant that only had a tangential relationship with hurrr whipping. I am also aware that every kind (and race) of person deals with embracing their ethnicities and differences and even their sameness. And I think a book, not a blog, could be written about it. Lastly, I hate when people make sweeping generalizations (like, “white folks effed black folks up somewhere along the way”) without a bit of insight behind the statement. But ya’ll, I don’t have time for all that, ok?

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