3 year old has part of her skull removed after suffering horrific abuse at the hands of her stepfather

A man has been charged with hitting his three-year-old stepdaughter so hard that part of her skull had to be removed.

Joshua Houser, 22, was arrested on Thursday accused of hurting Kilah Davenport so badly at their home in Union County, North Carolina that her skull was partially taken away to reduce swelling and bleeding from her brain.

The young girl is currently in a coma after suffering a brain injury, fractured skull, broken collarbone and bruises on her body.

The stepfather has been charged with felony child abuse and inflicting serious injury.

More charges may be brought against the man.

The girl’s mother, Kirbi Davenport, left the child in Houser’s care when she went to work the day before his arrest.

The woman married Houser 10 months ago.

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