Eric Thomas Trinchet, 28, ‘shakes girlfriend’s baby to death’

A man was charged with aggravated manslaughter after he allegedly shook his girlfriend’s baby to death.

Eric Thomas Trinchet, 28, was said to have killed the child while high on prescription drugs after he and his girlfriend got into a violent argument.

He had taken Tianna Irizarry and her seven-week-old daughter Isabella from their home in Tampa, Florida to visit family in Lakeland on April 27 when the attack took place, authorities said.

Baby Isabella was violently shaken following an argument between her mother and her partner

Police in Polk County were told by Trinchet that he shook the baby because she was crying and then returned her to her crib during the fight with Miss Irizarry.

Trinchet, who was known to police, said he knew what he had done to the child and slept for two days after the incident.

He turned himself in at 3am on Wednesday morning because of the ‘guilt’.

The baby girl was taken to Lakeland Regional Medical Center on May 1 where she was discovered to have a brain injury, bruises on her left foot and ears and puncture wounds to the thigh.

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