Mom Receives A $150 Bond After Pouring Bleach In Baby’s Eyes

A mother from Washington has been charged with assault after it was alleged she repeatedly put bleach into her young daughter’s eyes.

29 year old Jennifer Mothershead, from Bonney Lake, is thought to have caused permanent vision loss in her 15-month-old daughter’s right eye.

Authorities became suspicious in May last year when the little girl was airlifted from Tacoma to Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center after suffering a blow to the head. When she was treated, medical staff observed a previously diagnosed eye condition had gotten worse.

Doctors became suspicious that the head injury was a result of abuse and called the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

Mothershead did not explain how her daughter had got the head injury, and according to a detective, did not show any emotion about the girl’s injuries. The 15-month-old was taken into protective custody. When hospital staff and detectives examined the girl’s eye drops that she had been using for her condition more closely, they noticed they had a strong smell.

A detective tested a few drops on his wrist and said they caused a minor burning sensation. The eye drops were sent for testing to the Food and Drug Administration’s Forensic Chemistry labs, where scientists found that they contained bleach.

Now two years old, she has been living with her father since last spring. Mothershead has pleaded not guilty and her bail was set at $150


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