Man dressed up as his dead mother in bizarre real estate fraud

A man who dressed up as his dead mother in a bizarre real estate fraud where he cashed thousands of dollars from her that Social Security checks was sentenced Monday to up to 41 years in a New York jail.

Thomas Prusik Parkin was convicted May 3 on charges including grand larceny and mortgage fraud after collecting roughly $44,000 from the government over the six years since his mother died.

Surveillance footage shows Prusik-Parkin dressed in a blonde wig, a red cardigan, and oversized sunglasses on a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew his mother Irene’s driver’s license after she had already died.

He was sentenced Monday to spend between 13-years-and-8-months to 41 years in prison.

The 51-year-old Parkin argued that his sentence should be lessened, saying in court that he never hurt anyone or used stolen funds for personal gain or injury.

Prosecutors allege that When his mother, Irene Prusik, died in 2003 at age 73, he began impersonating her to cash her Social Security checks and keep her $2.2million brownstone in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope.

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