3-Year Old Shoots His Father While He Watches Television

A man was shot and killed by his 3-year old son as he laid on the couch watching TV, according to police.  Michael A. Bayless was shot and killed this weekend in his Indiana home by a gun that he had in the house.   Sgt. Jerry Goodwin says that the boy found the .45 caliber handgun and shot him with it.

Goodwin also says that there is more to investigate, such as whether or not the little boy shot his dad at point blank range or from further across the room.  Bayless, a married father of three, was home with his other kids at the time, but no one else was injured.  The family was fixing the house at the time, which police are saying was being renovated as a vacation home for their family.

The shooting raises the bar for handgun control.  The National Rifle Association usually comes front and center whenever a senseless shooting occurs, largely because they work night and day to keep guns in the street.  We have to ask if the tragedy is worth it, but it seems that the NRA believes that no amount of death is worth losing their precious right to bear arms.  That’s until one of their loved ones gets killed.

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