Nearly $100M in Cocaine Found in Massive Bust in Hong Kong

In the last few years, Hong Kong and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration have been working together in an effort to eliminate drug trafficking. Their joint efforts against international organized crime seem to be yielding some positive results as several large shipments of cocaine have been intercepted by officials in the last 2 years.

This past Wednesday, a shipment of cocaine weighing in at 1,430 pounds ( 649 kilograms) was seized by Hong Kong customs after being flagged by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. This is the city’s largest cocaine bust in history. The total value of the 541 bricks of cocaine was 76 million Hong Kong dollars (that’s 98 million USD.)   Although it is not certain, it is believed that the shipment was intended for Southeast Asia or perhaps even mainland China.

The ship was inspected by Hong Kong officials after arriving from Ecuador. The drugs were hidden in a stack of laurel wood on the boat. Last year, the largest cocaine bust with 560 kilograms, valued at 77 million dollars, found in a suburban warehouse. In this most recent incident, two men were taken in by the authorities.  The two are believed to be part of the organization


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