Colorado Shooter Forced to Wear a Spit Guard, Bullet Proof Vest in Jail

James Holmes is still in solitary confinement since he was brought in after killing 12 people and wounding 58 others in a Colorado movie theater. There is no question about whether or not Holmes needs psychiatric help, but there is also no question about whether or not he should be confined.   This is especially true if you keep spitting on the prison guards and acting like you’re in a Batman movie.

Sadly enough, Holmes has not had one family member or friend visit him since he was brought in. Guards at the Aurora jail say that Holmes (who could suffer from some form of mental illness) is forced to wear a mask now that will prevent him from spitting. Thats not the only fashion statement that Holmes is making.

Other than the jumpsuit, Holmes is also sporting a green bulletproof vest and ankle shackles. He was moved to Arapahoe County Detention Center to keep him safely away from other inmates.  Many of his new prison friends are openly stating that they would like to kill him.  Why, we don’t know.  But we can’t help but imagine that they might have friends or relatives who were in the theater when Holmes did his dirty work.  But then again, maybe they are as angry as the rest of us.

Holmes is still on suicide watch after he gunned down the theater full of Batman fans. In his Spartan cell, Holmes sleeps in the room on a flat green mat, which is his only piece of furniture. Dennis Norris, husband of Theresa Robinson, one of the inmates in the jail, claims that Holmes was moved to the infirmary after there were concerns about people trying to cause harm to the former medical student.  For some reason, we just don’t think he’s going to last that long in prison, and we wonder if he knew what he might be getting himself into when he went into that theater that night.

People have been wondering what drugs the jail put Holmes on that made him so groggy during his court appearance. According to one of the jail workers they did not put Holmes on anything. No prescribed medication had been given to Holmes and if he looked like he had been drugged then he was faking it.  Could he be positioning himself for an insanity defense?  Maybe.  But his act is quite convincing.

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