Man Almost Died Attempting To ‘Ship’ Himself To Girlfriend In A Box

Chongqing city in southern China, Man Nearly Dies, Shipping Himself To Girlfriend

Hu Seng Curled In A Thick Cardboard Box Ready To Be Shipped To Girlfriend

A man in Chongqing, a city in southern China, decided to ship himself to his girlfriend as a prank. Unfortunately, his prank almost turned deadly when the courier took three hours to deliver the package. Seng had minimal air in the box and it was too thick to puncture a hole so that he could breathe. “I didn’t realize it would take so long,” Seng said. “I tried to make a hole in the cardboard but it was too thick and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise by shouting.” Seng was expecting to be in the box for no longer than 30 minutes.

By the time the package made it to his girlfriend’s office- where a friend was waiting with camera in tow to capture the  girlfriend’s reaction- Seng was passed out and had to receive assistance from paramedics. He’d almost suffocated to death.

A spokesman for the courier firm said if Seng would’ve revealed what he was attempting to do, it would not have been approved. “If he’d told us what he was doing at the start we would not have taken the parcel. Even when we accept animals they have to go in special containers so they can breathe,” he said.

This is not the first time someone has attempted to ship himself courier service. In 2003, a man shipped himself from New York to Texas in a crate to avoid paying astronomical plane fees. He secured himself in the crate, apparently with some help, along with his computer and some clothes. The incident highlighted a potential hole in aviation security.


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