Fox News Loving Man Tries to Murder His Girlfriend Because She’s a Liberal

The Republican National Convention stirred up emotions all over the country and there were some who really took things seriously.  In fact, some went way over the top, even above the racial hatred that has been ignited during the Obama presidency.

A man in Florida has been arrested after threatening to kill his former girlfriend, all because she was a liberal.  He also set their former house on fire, with his frenzy over Fox News and the Republican Party being the source of his anger.

David A. Kappheim has been taken to a mental hospital after the Lake Park man showed up naked to see his ex-girlfriend.  The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the man allegedly choked his girlfriend so hard that it cut off her breath.  The man then came back on Monday and told the woman that he would kill her and burn her house to the ground.

When the man was asked why he wanted to hurt his ex, he simply said, “he was very conservative and (his girlfriend) was a liberal,” according to police.  He said this made him feel that he had no choice but to kill her.

He has been charged with domestic battery, aggravated assault and criminal mischief.  Let’s hope that he gets some meds while he’s at it.

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