Three Generations of One Family Murdered at the Same Time

Three generations of one family was found murdered in a home where stabbings ended the lives of a grandmother, a mother and her 14-year old son.  The incident took place in a Nashville, Tennessee, suburb, and the boy’s 9-year old sister ran from the home and got help.  Her family was dead when she got back.

Craig Garber was at the scene of the crime after the murders took place. The youngest victim of the homicides was 14-year old Jonathan Culpepper, who died along with his mother, Michelle Pinkowski.

When police came to the residence, Garber opened the door covered in blood, telling them “just kill me.”

Garber had self-inflicted stab wounds and was taken to the hospital.  He is in stable condition at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  Garber lived down the street from the family and was said to have some “emotional issues.”

“The scene is very bloody,” Metropolitan Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron said. “It’s not something that you see in Nashville.”

The man not only killed the family, but he also went looking for the little girl who’d escaped.  A neighbor grabbed his gun and ran to the little girl’s house after seeing her screaming and crying for help.

“The way she was screaming and crying saying ‘He’s killing her, he’s killing her!’ I just ran,” said neighbor Jason Zimmerman.

Police are still searching for a motive.

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