Avery, Miles, Gregg and Theresa with Ginny
Supressed Ruger 10-22’s, M1 Garand, Two AR-15’s–One Supressed
Greg: The people who are anti-gun can name instance after instance, situation after situation, where a gun would do you no good — and
I would agree with them. But if there’s that hundred and first time, one time out of a 101 where having a gun would have meant saving
your own child — you would sell your soul, or trade everything you have, to do that.
!eresa: Years ago I saw a burglar on television who said that his greatest fear was a homeowner with a gun and that if a homeowner
even just pointed a gun at him, he’d surrender. And if he knew that a house had a gun in it, he wouldn’t rob it. And, in fact, that’s how he
was caught — a woman pulled a gun on him while he was robbing her house. I wouldn’t want to be in a situation where I needed a gun to
protect my family and didn’t have one. Plus, we like to go target shooting.

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