Liberty and Michael with General Beauregard
SVT40, Finnish M1938, Uzi 9mm, AK-47
Michael: A gun is capable of performing tremendously “good” acts or tremendously “evil” acts. And I see this as an analogy of human
beings — we can do good or we can do evil. As an American I believe it’s my natural right to own a firearm, guaranteed in the Constitution.
As a Jew, I believe history has shown we have been victimized for 2,000 years and to some extent that victimization has been allowed by us
because we did not have the means to resist. One thing I’m sadly aware of after studying the Holocaust is that if those individuals had the
means to defend themselves, they more than likely would have done so and perhaps the Holocaust would have gone a different way.
Basically we own firearms for utilitarian reasons — no better word than that. I shoot every Friday, but we’re also using them for defense.
Occasionally things go bad down here. This house was totally destroyed by hurricane Andrew and then it was damaged by hurricanes
Katrina and Wilma and the guns came out for that. I sat out there in the front yard after Wilma. Me and the neighbors stood out there
collectively and made sure that nothing happened. I’m not sure if the guns prevented anything from happening, but if something did,
they were there.

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