Adult Films Actress Trains to Be 2nd African-American Woman In Space


Porn star Coco Brown is currently training in the Netherlands to become the second African American female to travel into outer space.

Coco Brown

Black p*rn star Coco Brown is currently in training in the Netherlands to travel into outer space. This would mark only the second time that an African American woman went into space. Mae C. Jemison was the first African American female to go into outer space. She was a member onboard the space shuttle Endeavor, she is also a physician. Her trip into orbit around the earth was a major moment in Black History.

Brown is based in Germany and was given the chance to rise to galactic heights by a private space travel company called Space XC. Brown recalls how it all came to be, “I was at a luncheon in Berlin and I was specially invited and they were talking about going into space. It’s that simple.” She has reportedly paid $100,000 to be the first Black woman to privately travel into outer space, now she’s trying to get past the training phase. “I have to do Zero G gravity training. That’s where an aircraft takes you up 30,000 feet and then drops like it’s going to have an air crash to about 15,000 feet.”

Although Brown will be a p*rn star in space, she will not be performing any s*x scenes. “Trying to have s*x in space is a little difficult, especially if you’re going to do Zero G. You just really don’t have that much control. People have to learn how working in no gravity functions before you do a p*rn there.” Many believe Brown’s trip to outer space is disrespectful to Dr. Mae Jemison.

Is Coco Brown’s trip into outer space disrespectful to Dr. Mae Jemison?

Malcolm Morrow, a Your Black World Network contributor, is a senior, criminal justice major at The University of Southern Miss.

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