Ex-friend of Judge Judy: I’ll drop lawsuit if you give back my china set


It looks like Judge Judy is about to be dragged into a real-life courtroom.

An ex-fashion model, Patric Jones, has sued TV jurist and former “BFF” Judith Sheindlin for $514,421.14 — but is willing to drop the suit in exchange for the immediate return of her Christofle Renaissance cutlery and Marley china that Sheindlin has.

“I don’t want to sue Judge Judy,” Jones told the Daily News. “We were close friends. She counseled me on my marriage. I flew on her private plane. We vacationed together and had dinner once a week. I just want my china back. It’s my wedding china.”

Jones’ suit, filed last week in Los Angeles, says her estranged husband, Randy Douthit, an executive producer on Sheindlin’s courtroom TV show “Judge Judy,” conspired to sell the objects to Sheindlin for $50,000 in 2009.



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