Is this the dumbest case of identity theft ever? Meet the waitress who was handed her own ID by a boneheaded customer

Calling 911 under the guise of fetching alcohol, Brianna Priddy played dumb when presented the ID by someone who used Priddy’s stolen driver’s license to prove her age.

Don’t I know you from somewhere?

An alleged wallet thief was caught red-faced when she presented a stolen driver’s license to a waitress, who couldn’t believe it when she saw her own image on the identity card.

“Out of every server there, these people sit in my section, at my Applebee’s,” a bewildered Brianna Priddy told the Daily News.

Priddy says she could hardly mask her surprise when she felt the familiar crease in her stolen driver’s license.

“What? That’s me. Wait a second!” Priddy said she thought as she took the group’s order Feb. 25 at a Lakewood, Colo., Applebee’s. “I got really angry.”

But Priddy says she kept her cool and pretended nothing was wrong.

I went straight to the phone, and I was shaking as I called 911. I told them this girl handed me my own ID!”



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