L.A. honors student, 14, dies after ‘huffing’ contents of spray-can compressed air

A Los Angeles area honors student died Monday night after inhaling from a can of compressed-air computer keyboard cleaner to get high, authorities say.

A sibling found 14-year-old Aria Doherty in bed with her nostrils taped shut and a can of compressed air still clinging to her mouth. She apparently died of cardiac arrest, KTLA reports.

Doherty was home alone when the tragic event happened. Her parents believe it was her first time “huffing” — a slang term for the deadly practice of sniffing household products to get a quick and accessible high. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, inhaling products like glue, hair sprays, and nail polish can be fatal even the first time.

“I’m positive my daughter didn’t realize it had the potential to kill her,” mom Carolyn Doherty told NBC Los Angeles.



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