NYU student creates Veti-Gel, a possible cure for excess bleeding



A student at New York University has invented what could end up being a cure for excessive bleeding.

Veti-Gel is a new medical product designed to help close up wounds quickly and stop major bleeding.

Joe Landolina, a third-year student at NYU Polytechnic, helped discover the compound and co-founded a business called Suneris Inc. that is built around the idea.

The creation dramatically speeds the body’s natural clotting so that deep wounds, even those to arteries or internal organs, are able to close up within seconds, he said.

“It instantly tells the body, ‘OK, stop the bleeding,’ but also it starts the healing process,” Landolina told TechNewsDaily.

“I have seen (Veti-Gel) close any size wound that it is applied to,” said Landolina. “As long as you can cover it, it can close it,” he added.

The substance, a plant-based synthetic form of a compound in blood that triggers clotting, imitates the body’s own healing chemistry to rapidly close punctures to soft tissue.

The body then apparently recognizes the synthetic chemicals as if they were natural, which allows the gel to “mesh into the wound surface, immediately forming a tight seal over the wound,” according to the Suneris website.

Veti-Gel then activates the body’s own clotting process. The product has been approved to be marketed by the Food and Drug Administration.

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