Thousands of locusts swarm over Israel, Egypt — just in time for Passover



A ‘plague’ of locusts have descended on Egypt and southern Israel this week, arriving with biblical timing just three weeks before Passover.

A giant swarm of locusts was the eighth plague that God unleashed on the Egyptian Pharoah to convince him to let Moses’ people go, according to Exodus.

The locusts of the Bible covered “all the ground until it was black” and devoured “everything growing in the fields and the fruit on the trees.” This year’s attack hasn’t been nearly as catastrophic, although damage to crops in the region is a worry.

The grasshopper-like bugs crossed over on east winds from Egypt into Israel on Monday. Nearly 2,000 acres of desert were covered overnight, officials said. Israeli authorities sprayed pesticides over farming fields in the early morning, trapping the locusts on the ground before the dew could dry on their wings.



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