Shameless to the bitter end: Philpott sticks up two fingers as cries of ‘Die, Mick, die’ ring out from public gallery after judge sentences him to LIFE in prison for killing his six children in house blaze


Mick Philpott was branded a ‘disturbingly dangerous man with no moral compass’ as he was sentenced to life in prison today for killing six of his children in a house fire.

A judge said the jobless father-of-17 was the ‘driving force behind this shockingly dangerous enterprise’ to frame his former lover Lisa Willis in a bid to win a bitter custody battle.

His wife Mairead and co-conspirator Paul Mosley were handed 17 years each for their part in the plot.

Family members in the public gallery applauded as the judge finished her sentencing, with one shouting: ‘Die, Mick, die.’

True to form, Philpott responded in typically shameless fashion by smiling and sticking two fingers up as he was led from the dock.




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