These people want to live as rubber dolls…..seriously

The show featured life-size dolls that certain men enjoy romantic and sexual relationships with.

He then saw an online forum discussing ‘RealDoll’ and found there was a demand for men wanting similar lifelike doll suits.

Mr Ramos decided to seize the opportunity and FemSkin was born.

Each of the body suits, which cost up to $1,850, takes about four hours to complete and weighs roughly 12 pounds.

Adam Ramos, who says he takes great pride in making his work look realistic, also produces custom orders from people with burns or scars.

He refuses however to create masks, because he believes they will always look unrealistic.

‘Secrets of the Living Dolls’ explores a new kind of fetish

Each body suit takes about four hours to complete and weighs roughly 12 pounds. Mr Ramos inherited the business from his father (pictured is Robby)

Robby said: ‘When I’m out many people think my breasts are real or implants and this is my real body’

The company featured on a British documentary called Secrets of the Living Dolls, earlier this year.

Unlike transgender people, ‘maskers’, or ‘rubber dollers’ as they’re also known, do not feel born in the wrong body. For them, dressing up as a member of the opposite sex is simply a way to have fun.

At the time the documentary was publicised, Adam Ramos’ mother Barbie Ramos, the owner of FemSkin, said: ‘They’re not freaky people, they’re not weird, they’re just like you and me.

‘They’re just like what they call “vanilla people” – that’s you and me – except for at night or on special occasions, they like to put on a mask. Why not?’

One of the company’s best customers is a 70-year-old retired estate agent who goes by the name of ‘Sherry’.

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