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Dr. Boyce: Are You Raising Your Son to be Another George Zimmerman?

George Zimmerman, the man who instantly turned himself into public enemy number one, is an intriguing character for a multitude of reasons.  When I read Zimmerman’s story, he reminds me of one of my more “interesting” friends who had a similar story in his life.  This person was also a wannabe police officer who lived […]

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Most of you saw the recent insanity over the release of the new Air Jordans.  When black people are lining up around the block to spend money that they dont’ have on shoes that cost $12 to make, is there a point where we have to stop and say “enough is enough?” In a very […]

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World Like the rest of America, I found myself getting sick after reading about the s*x abuse scandal at Penn State University.  The detailed reports are nothing less than mortifying, and I am among those who believe that this university should pay tens of millions to victims and their families in […]

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    In a blog entry at News One, Dr. Boyce Watkins examines Ann Coulter’s recent sound bite of “our blacks are better than their blacks” and disparages the treatment of African Americans by liberals and conservatives alike. Ultimately, Watkins says, black politics must go beyond choosing the better pimp. Ann Coulter, the woman who […]

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