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Dr. Boyce and Yvette Carnell: Air Jordan Mania and Black People – Over the Top?

Most of you saw the recent insanity over the release of the new Air Jordans.  When black people are lining up around the block to spend money that they dont’ have on shoes that cost $12 to make, is there a point where we have to stop and say “enough is enough?” In a very […]

by Yvette Carnell   So after fighting for the right to fly his Confederate flag in his dorm room window, and winning, University of South Carolina student Byron Thomas has now decided that he won’t exercise that right.  My guess is that someone sent Byron a long list of links to historical records and narratives […]

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    by Yvette Carnell Whenever it occurs to you to open your mouth, or peck at your keyboard, and question my antipathy for both the Obama administration and the Wall St. elite, think about this: Last week a woman was sent to federal prison for food stamp fraud. The woman, who had previous drug […]

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